Our program contains a vast range of activities related to hiking, activities of all levels accessible from Belgium whether it is for a day, for a weekend, for a week or more.

Whether you are a single, a group or a living together/married, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced person, you will surely find something to satisfy your expectations. If you want something special, do not hesitate to introduce a " Contact Request "

It should be noted that all our activities are supervised by Graduated Guides, some of whom are recognized as Tourist Guides.

How to register for activities?

It is possible to register in different ways: via the website (our preference), by eMail, by sms at: +32 (486) 093.070 or by phone on +32 (10) 73.01.32. We always send an acknowledgment of receipt; If you did not receive it, it is very likely that the information did not reach us.

How does it work?

In general, the time of appointment is 09:45 with the effective departure at 10:00. Upon our return (between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm), when possible, we take a glass or have a meal together.

What is the ultimate registration date (and time)?

For a "day" activity, registration can be done the day before the activity until 22:00. It might still be possible to register after that, without any guarantees. For other activities, see the appropriate document.

What is the ultimate time to book a Breakfast and / or Picnic?

If you want the option " Breakfast and / or Picnic ", your request has to be made the day before the activity until 22:00 (latest).

Is carpooling available ?

In the interest of Mother Nature and that of the portfolio of each, RandoEvasion strongly encourages carpooling between participants but is in no way responsible for its management. Points and times of meetings between participants are proposed on the « Car-pooling » page.

Are dogs accepted?

Most of our hikes take place in nature reserves or forests where dogs are not allowed or are disturbing the wildlife. However, we regularly organize "dog admitted" activities, provided that the dog (max 1) is kept on a lead and does not disturb other participants.

What is the size of our groups?

Given the number of activities we organize annually, the size of our groups is on average between 6 and 16 people. For reasons of quality, we voluntarily limit this to a maximum of 18 participants.

In principle, except in special cases and / or cases of "Force Majeure", "one-day" activities on Sundays are never canceled.

For other activities or events on other days (Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday), if the minimum number of participants (6) is not reached or if the weather conditions do not allow a safe exit (or comfort), they are likely to be canceled (or postponed). In this case, all registered persons will be notified by email, SMS or telephone.

All the activities organized by RandoEvasion are carried out on the basis of Objective and Tangible Criteria which allow participants to get a clear idea of ​​what they are committing to. These criteria are accessible to all on our « Pictograms » page. Should any doubt persist, simply contact our representative in charge and discuss any concerns with him.

In accordance with the relevant laws, we are insured in Professional Liability. However, we can not replace liability insurance that the participant should subscribe individually.

For all holders of a " RandoPass ",RandoEvasion has taken out an Individual Accident Insurance covering their holder for their participation in our activities. Our insurance does not cover damage to clothing, glasses, etc. "Occasional" participants (not holders of a " RandoPass ") are NOT COVERED by this Insurance.

It should be noted that each is required to individually insure to benefit from the specific and complete guarantees adapted to our activities, RandoEvasion can not be held responsible for the damages not falling under its responsibility.

For participation in our weekly activities, the subscription to a « RandoPass » or a « Discovery Pass » is strongly recommended. It is of course possible to join us as a « Occasional Participant », knowing that the first participation in a one day « Trial Participation » activity is refunded to the subscription of a « RandoPass » within 4 weeks after the first participation.

The « RandoPass » is an annual subscription card valid for 12 months (from date to date) giving priority access to the activities of RandoEvasion. As for the « Discovery Pass », it is a subscription card giving entitlement to a participation at reduced cost.

The subscription at a democratic price (less expensive than any other subscription or sports subscription) gives access to a FREE and UNLIMITED participation to the activities "One Day Hiking" and on conditions particularly advantageous for our other activities. There are several versions: «RandoPass» - Solo, Duo, Family, Senior or Open.

A clear, safe and unequivocal commitment ... The first participation (« Randonnée d'Essai ») is reimbursed for the subscription of a « RandoPass », knowing that the holders of a RandoPass automatically benefit from a « Injuries Insurance ».

You must have a personal account to « identify » yourself and to access the reserved pages.

You can have a « RandoPass » without having a personal account, however, if you want to have an active personal account you must have an active RandoPass.

A new RandoPass will only be active if its items have been verified, including payment. A former RandoPass is only active during the validity period. A personal account is not foreseen for holders of a " RandoPass Discovery ".

For any question, do not hesitate to contact us by eMail by telephone: +32 (10) 73.01.32 | +32 (486) 093.070

No problem … Just take the time to enter your query into our Information Request Form.