• What do you think of the idea of experiencing Pack-and-Raft ?

    Sometimes hiking, sometimes slips along the water, the Pack-and-Raft a promise of the discovery of nature in a different and unprecedented way …!

  • Looking for a fancy an unforgettable experience? In the Ardennes, in the area of the Semois, participate in our superb "Survival Camp des Dames de Meuse"! Lets go to the great adventure …!

  • Located not far from the well known "Tenerife", La Gomera is a small and wild island that has been spared the pressures of real estate of its neighbors. The temperature is relatively constant, the spring or the autumn being the ideal seasons to visit it.

  • Located in the Massif Central, in the area of the Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, the Cantal is well worth a visit.

    Stratovolcan known by the Celts as the Mont Celtiens, it is crossed from north to south by an ancient path called Via Celtica...!

  • The Baronnies are a small corner of paradise in the French Drôme Provençale, not far from Vaison-la-Romaine ...! The temperature there is very constant: hot in summer, cold and dry in winter, spring or early summer being the ideal time to get there…

Special Events

Whether it's for a "Birthday Party", a "Burnt Blow", a "Team Event" or other queries, at RandoEvasion we have the solution that meets your expectations …!

Do not hesitate to contact us as we are offering a wide range of activities of all types, all related to the hiking in broad terms. Our non-exhaustive choices are multiple:

  • Local Walks or Hikes
  • Treasure Hunts, Geocaching
  • Night or Morning Droppings,
  • Survival Camps
  • Acrobranche
  • Introductucion to Cave walkingitiation à la Spéléologie
  • Orientation / GPS: Initiation or Advanced
  • Mountain Biking or Cycling
  • Tandem or .. specials .. Scooters

For RandoEvasion, it is user-friendliness and safety that predominate, you are assured of the best experience it is to practice

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