Members who have a « RandoPass »  subscription have the opportunity to propose their walks to the RandoEvasion community ...

  • These pedestrian activities (walk, hike, ...) are organized FREE by a member for the members and are identified "RP" in their title.

  • They are organized under the sole responsibility of a member called "PILOTE" approved by RandoEvasion.
    The Pilot ensures the smooth running of the activity and personally ensures the safety of the people who accompany him.

Only holders of a RandoPass (Solo or Duo) can organize and manage one of these activities accessible to all. If you want something special, do not hesitate to introduce a " Contact Request ".

The Pilot will ensure to be in order of Assurance Family Civil Liability and to make bring an endorsement of like :

" ... to cover, within the limits of the contract referred to in the contract, the non-contractual civil liability which may be incurred by the insured for damage resulting from bodily injury and / or material damage caused to the third party by reason of his private life, The organization of hiking as a volunteer ..."

The floor is open for our participants and our members. Here you will find their proposals / suggestions. Do not hesitate to use it ...