Individual Accident Insurance - Chartis

Who is insured?

All participants holding a « RandoPass » are automatically insured for the duration of their participation in the activities of RandoEvasion.

Please note that participants who do not hold a « RandoPass » (occasional participants) do not have access to these guarantees and are required to insure themselves properly, RandoEvasion can not be held responsible for physical damage that does not fall under its responsibility.

When are you insured?

During your registered participation in the activities of RandoEvasion, for a day (or half-a-day), a weekend or several days, both in Belgium and abroad, activities related to the hike possibly combined with the practice of Cycling, Mountain Biking, Horse-Riding, Kayaking or any other similar sport, as well as a ludic activity or a common meal.

For what amounts are you insured ?

You are insured for the consequences of the accidents that occur during your participation in an activity organized by RandoEvasion that there is RandoEvasion liability or not, subject to the usual exclusions and for the following amounts:

Participants holding RandoPass:

- Accidental Death: €7.500
- Permanent disability: €15.000

- Medical Expenses: € 1.250, after social security intervention

- Temporary incapacity following an accident: €6,00 per day in case of loss of salary or education, from the 21st day, payable for a maximum of one year

This web page is for general information purposes only. It is not contractual and can not be used to support claims or to request intervention, regardless of the situation. The scope and the conditions of insurance are the subject of the general conditions and particulars of the policy subscribed by RandoEvasion with Chartis Europe sa