Copy of The "RandoPass" RandoEvasion

Hiking FREE and LIMITED for more than 12 months? The only answer to an expensive life: a " RandoPass " …

The « RandoPassTM » is an annual subscription card that gives access to the activities of RandoEvasion on particularly advantageous conditions. The « RandoPass», presented at each participation, comes in 3 distinct forms : 

          NOMINATIVE               SPECIALS           CARD HOLDER
  • Solo      -   1 Person
  • Duo       -  2  Persons
  • Family  - 2+ Persons
  • Senior Solo  - 65+
  • Senior Duo  ; - 65+
  • Open - Card Holder

The above options do not suit you? You do not know if you will be able to participate regularly? We probably have a solution adapted to your wishes: the « Discovery Pass »  For more information about thet « Discovery Pass », subscription cards, consult the card related to itt.


  • Are included in the RandoPass subscription:

       >  FREE and UNLIMITED participation in the « One Day Day Activities »
               Unless otherwise stated, including hiking (half-day), special days, sports loops, etc ...,
       >  A reduction of 5% minimum on other products or events (bbq, weekend, trekking, hiring of snowshoes, ...),
       >  Individual injury insurance and third party liability insurance,
       >  Free introduction of a new guest per quarter,
       >  Various reductions negotiated with our partners,
       >  Access to the secured part of the site and photo albums,
       >  Subscription to the newsletter sent by e-mail.

  • Not included in this subscription: special events, initiations or trainings, cycling activities, weekend activities or trekking, ...


  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Family     
  • 75,00€/year  
  • 115,00€/year     
  • 145,00€/year 
  • Senior Solo
  • Senior Duo
  • 50,00€/year   
  • 80,00€/year
  • Open - 195,00€/year    

IMPORTANT: Mutuality intervene in reimbursement of affiliation fees to a sports club (or similar) as RandoEvasion. On the basis of the certificate of your duly completed mutuality and your personal sticker, the document will bear the signature and official stamp of RandoEvasion enabling you to reimburse part of the cost of the « RandoPass ».


  1. RandoEvasion schedules activities related to hiking throughout the year. However, it can not guarantee the number of events organized per month as their number may vary according to the season, weather or safety conditions or the number of guides available..

  2. For each activity, a maximum number of places is available. Subscribers who do not enroll quickly enough in an event will not be able to claim any rights over RandoEvasion when they are unable to enjoy their « RandoPass » due to lack of space. 

  3. The duration of subscription is of 12 months renewable for an identical period, unless waiver by email or written document given to one of the leaders of RandoEvasion, this at least one month before the anniversary date of the contract. The holder of the card may take advantage of it throughout its period of validity..

  4. Any new member can request the refund of his « RandoPass » within 2 weeks of his payment. The cost of the activities to which he has already participated will be deducted from this reimbursement with a minimum of € 25.00 retained as damages.

  5. In case of loss of his RandoPass card, the subscriber can obtain a duplicate for a fee of 15,00 €. However, since the « RandoPass Open » subscription is not nominative, this card can not be replaced, since the amount paid remains with RandoEvasion as damages, since the subscriber must subscribe to a new subscription.

  6. Any participant who does not comply with the Internal & Rules of Procedure (ROI) of RandoEvasion, as available on the website may be excluded from the « RandoPass » or « Discovery Pass » system without being able to claim any compensation or reimbursement of the sums paid.


To enable us to better manage your request for « RandoPass », would you be kind to provide us with the following information:

RandoPass Request Form