Internal Code of Conduct


Registrations for "Day Activities" are available either via our website (our preference), by e-mail or by telephone, at the latest until 17:00 the day before the activity. It might still be possible to register after that, without any guarantees. However, for all other activities (non "Day Activitities", registration by eMail is required.

Registering is made in the order in which applications are received and are limited to the number of participants indicated on the detailed card. In case of a higher number of participants, these are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted in case of withdrawal from one of the registered participants.

We appreciate being informed of any discontinuance or cancellation knowing that RandoEvasion does not apply any penalty in case of "No-Show".

Physical Condition:

Participants undertake in good faith and honor, on their own responsibility, according to their health, fitness and level and experience in hiking, cycling or any other activity organized by RandoEvasion. They are required to ensure that their physical condition is appropriate to the activity envisaged; We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor at least once a year.

RandoEvasion can not be held liable in the event of physical insufficiency revealed during an activity and reserves the right not to accept the registration of a participant who does not satisfy the criteria of levels specified (indicative) in Datasheet.

In addition, information relating to administrative and health formalities is only given as an indication. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify this information with the competent authorities in relation to his / her own situation.


The information provided on the detailed sheets is given as an indication and does not engage the responsibility of RandoEvasion. Participants are advised that routes and certain program services may be subject to change if the weather, size (or capacity) of the group or safety requirements so require.

Each participant is obliged to comply with the recommendations given in the data sheet and by our representative; It must be aware that it may incur risks of any kind related to weather conditions or to the situation on the ground. It will therefore be equipped according to the information given in our detailed sheets.

RandoEvasion who undertakes to do everything possible to avoid any accident during the performance must warn the participants of the fact that they are activities with " Sportive Character " in an " Natural-and-Adventure Environment ". Participation takes place at the risk of the participant who assumes it with full knowledge of the facts.

In no event shall RandoEvasion be held liable for any accidents whatsoever during the performance in the event of non-compliance with the instructions given by our representative.

Difficulty Levels:

All Hiking, Walking, Walking, Trekking or activities organized by RandoEvasion are always carried out and evaluated on the basis of Objective and Tangible Criteria that allow the participants to get a precise idea of ​​what they are committed to. These criteria are accessible to all on our Pictograms Page. Should any doubt persist, simply contact our representative in charge and discuss any concerns with him.


RandoEvasion has taken out a Professional Liability Insurance and a Individual Accident Insurance covering the holders of a " RandoPass " for their participation in our activities. These insurances do not cover damage to clothing, glasses, etc.

Participants not holding a RandoPass ("occasional" participants or "guests") do not have access to these guarantees and are obliged to insure themselves correctly, as RandoEvasion can not be held responsible for the physical damages not falling under its responsibility.

All participants must be covered by a "Family" Liability Insurance which covers them for any damage caused to other participants, third parties or RandoEvasion.

In addition to the Individual Accident Benefits provided by RandoEvasion, participants are strongly advised to take out an Individual " Accident, Assistance and Baggage " insurance valid for accidents (or rescues) during hikes both in Belgium and abroad. Insurance is compulsory for activities abroad or in the mountains.


RandoEvasion is not and does not have the vocation of being a Travel Agency. Participants in our activities are informed that they are traveling at their own expense and risk. vis not responsible for any compensation whatsoever in the event of cancellation, impediment, delay to the arrival of its participants.


Participants in the activities organized by RandoEvasion are likely to be photographed at any time. If they do not want to appear on the photos or estimate the photos untrustworthy, just inform us and the contentious pictures will be deleted.