Already nearly 15 years that RandoEvasion trains its boots on the paths of here or elsewhere, nearly 3500 km per year!


The COVID19 years, the uncertainties and restrictions connected to it are slowly going away. We start our activity slowly again ....


The COVID19 years. Our activites are unfortunately frozen until better days arose ...


Year of changes and transmission ! Our sunday activities are taken over by Véronique (our guide) under a new identity « ExploRando ».

RandoEvasion are getting diversified : incentives and group-events, weekends, trekking and much more while keeping our original spirit in his weekly "tiny walks".


Year of stabilization, more and more activities and a great atmosphere .. Join us ...!

At the beginning of the year, we sign a partnership agreement with the LECOMTE Stores (Waterloo and Ixelles) where our "RandoPass" holders will find quality sports and leisure items.


Our anniversary !! And also the year of our renewal ... A brand new website for even easier use on any Smartphone, Tablet or PC media. In February, a partnership agreement was signed with the footwear manufacturer


Thanks to our partnership with " Défi-Nature ", we introduce a lot of thematic activities, small walks with educational vocation and related to nature: songs of birds, wild plants, geological discoveries, etc ...

At the beginning of the year, we sign a partnership agreement with Partenamut and Omnimut mutual societies where their members can now benefit from reductions for participation in our sports or leisure activities.


Our team and our offer are expanding, we introduce the " Dimanches Sympa " days all year round, even more outings throughout the country. In March, we go on to the top speed: " RandoEvasion " is associated with " Nature-et-Terroir " for even more nature escapes.


Even more: from 150 to 200 activities a year, from " Jeudis Sympa " all year round, various and varied outings throughout the country!


We are continuing our journey: from 100 to 150 activities a year, " Mercredi Récré " all year round, new crew members and even more discovery possibilities!


5 years .. 5 years already and what way traveled! 2012, the year of change and renewal. Our new website is the facade. Full of new surprises and new initiatives in perspective.

2008 - 2012

The number and type of activities organized by RandoEvasion has evolved over the seasons to reach the current offer:

  • Hiking - every weekend (Saturday and / or Sunday), weekdays, bicycle or equestrian, senior activities, ...
  • Bivouacs, Weekend of Trekkings or Trekkings,
  • Multiples Themes: Brâme du Cerf, Listening to the Owl, Mycological Encounters, Cranes du Lac du Der, ...
  • Discoveries: Orientation, GPS, ...
  • Even more special activities: Discoveries of the Caving, Takeoffs in Balloon, Droppings Nocturnes, ...


For many years, the idea has been formed, has become reality and ... It is in October 2007 that the first stones of what will become the RandoEvasion that you know today are sealed. The autumn has just begun, it's time to put the doubles for the 1st season ... Everything is to do: website, folders and posters, advertisements, legal formalities, ... A start on the hats of Wheels .