For Whom ? Why ?

Single? Living together ? Alone, with Partner or with Family, a desire for a hike, a nature walk, a trekking or just a simple walk?

RandoEvasion is the ideal partner for Active Recreation, leisure hiking, breakouts of a day, a Sunday or a weekend.

Our Charter

RandoEvasion aims to provide activities and services to improve the Quality of Life of its participants in Respect for Nature and the Environment, to ensure that everyone forgets a time when worries everyday …

We want to convince with the Quality of our Services, our Skills, our Creativity and with our Fexibility.

Guide vs Guide ... Definitions of a "Guide"

Guide? Tourist Guide? Hiking Guide, Nature Guide, etc ... Everyone asks the question ... Who are these people a kind and character a little different?

Tourist Guides are the first ambassadors of a vital sector for the economic development of Wallonia. They are also a guarantee for a tourist guidance based on quality, a warm and attentive, knowledge of the richness of our cultural, historical and natural, the ability to speak in the language of tourists.

Our Mission in 6 Points

  • Incentive & Teambuilding

    We also organize activities such as Incentives and Team-building (etc.) based on hiking or walking in the broadest possible sense. Whether it be a hike, a mountain bike-trip (by bike, tandem or step), a ride on horseback, all these activities are part of our "know-how" and our daily experience.

  • Our Hiking Activities

    Our specialty is organizing hikes in the broadest sense, in particular the framing and guiding international groups of all sizes, both in Belgium and abroad.  This guidance is for both monolingual groups (in English, Dutch, Spanish ... and, of course, also in French), as for multilingual groups.

  • Our Specialties

    Looking for challenges? Our special activities will meet your expectations « Night-Dropping » (or morning-dropping), Bivouac, Survival Camps, ... You ask, we execute !

  • Enterprise Learnings

    For enterprises or multinationals, we have all specificaly tailored training. Our offer responds to orders depending on an agreed theme. For example: Orientation Initiation, Visiting Nature Reserves, dropping, survivals, ...


  • “ ... Thank you, Mitch, wholeheartedly. You have transmitted to us all your enthusiasm for all the wonders that nature has offered us. Thank you for your attention, your presence, your smile, your surprises. A bouquet of thanks ...”
    April 2018   -   Claire